The BTHA Toy Fair at Olympia is THE place to find the top new toy launches for the year ahead. Thousands of new playthings are revealed, but each year a panel of independent experts and retailers make their selection of the ‘ones to watch’ for the coming months.  This year, just 43 were chosen and our very own Fox in a Fix secured a spot as one of the three stand-out new games launches of the show.

We may be biased but we’re not surprised! This fantastic game of action, suspense and hilarity sees a cheeky fox trying to steal chickens in his trouser pockets. But, he’s been too greedy and he soon loses grip on his trousers! As his trousers fall down the chickens scatter and players must rescue them and bring them back to their coop. With laughter every time, this game is set to bring incredible family fun this year. Fox in a Fix will launch this summer.


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