Gadget Guru Jason Bradbury Gives Crazy Cart Shift a YouTube Thumbs Up!

All round gadget guru, Jason Bradbury, is giving fans the chance to dive even deeper into his world of tech on trial with the recent launch of his YouTube channel. Bradbury decided to leave The Gadget Show at Christmas to focus on the online arena and the popular TV presenter and regular at London Toy Fair has been hard at work creating content that puts his gadget picks through their paces. The channel will showcase his passion for presenting a no-holds-barred view of the most innovative and exciting products out there whether high street or super high tech.

Bradbury has made no secret of his love of the Crazy Cart since its launch – our electric drifting go kart featured many times on The Gadget Show. No surprise then that he chose the latest launch, the Crazy Cart Shift to star in one of his first videos. Driven by his son Jackson, the Shift was rated best on ‘fun’ in a ‘drift off’ against the Voltz electric drift trike.

Re:creation’s Katy Fletcher said;

“Unrivaled in his knowledge of gadgetry, Jason has access to the world’s leading technology and most innovative rides. For us, it is the ultimate compliment that he rates Crazy Cart’s unique design and ride experience so highly. We can’t wait to see more of his antics the channel and will certainly be looking forward to giving him a first look at the incredible innovation coming through from Razor.”

Jason Bradbury’s YouTube channel can be found at www.youtube.com/jasonbradbury

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