Fantasma® Now You See Me 2™ Magic Set

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The Four Horsemen are passing their wealth of magical knowledge onto you in this deluxe, 150+ trick Magic Set.

You will learn the art of magic and the skills involved to create some of the incredible illusions seen in the film Now You See Me 2. Escape from locked chains and tied ropes… Read the minds of a group of spectators… Levitate objects… Throw playing cards and other cardistry… Vanish objects and cause them to reappear elsewhere… And, yes – even stop the flow of water. The comprehensive, illustrated manual will show you how to do all of these effects and more. Special video downloads are also included. Everything fits into a sleek metal case which holds a magical secret of its own. As with all of Fantasma’s products, The Now You See Me 2 Set is endorsed by the International Brotherhood Of Magicians – the only magic products on the market today to carry this seal.

SRP: £29.99

Each case contains: Instructional video download, metal chain escape, anti-gravity dexterity marked deck, dexterity invisible deck, levitation gadget, 2 paper clips, jumbo 3 card monte and secret device (thumb tip).

• Learn magic tricks featured in the film Now You See Me 2
• Learn how to perform tricks to large crowds on up close
• Comprehensive manual
• Video downloads
• Feature trick within the case itself
• High quality and durable product
• Suitable for ages 7 years +

Barcode: 5055308529970
Age Rec: 7+
Pack Dims: 25 x 31 x 5.9 [h x w x d]
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