Floof Large Bucket

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Moldable, squishable fun just got Floof-tastic! New Floof is the light and fluffy moldable material that sticks to itself, making it easier than ever to make exciting creations in seconds.
And, when playtime is over, Floof can be reused and reshaped as often as you like. With its fluffy, white,
lighter than light texture, Floof is ideal for creating the ultimate indoor snowball fight, mini snowboard
park or just letting imaginations run wild!

Build whatever you want, store it back inside the reusable bucket storage container, and
then build again and again! Astounding texture feels lighter than air, easy to mold, soft
and smooth texture is soothing for the senses. Welcome to dough-construction heaven!
Encourages visual-spatial skills, sensory exploration, relaxation, creativity,

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Item #: FL007

• Barcode: 5055308534608

• Age rec: 3+

• Pack Dims: 14 x 12.6 x 15.6cm (H x W x D)

• Quantity: 6

• FOB/DOM: Both

• Source: China

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