Raskullz® Bolt Hawk – Blue

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The range of Raskullz® and KrashTM protective gear allows young skaters,scooters and cyclists to unleash their personalities!

Raskullz appeals to kids of 5 years +. The colorful characters are designed around their favorite themes including horses and pirates. In the Krash range, kids aged 7 to tweens will make a fashion statement with the on-trend designs and cool Mohican styles. And now the little ones can get in on the action too with Raskullz
Miniz, kids aged 1-3 years can ride along safe in adorable animal and pirate themes!

Protective gear is an essential part of kid’s kit when they’re taking part in some sporting or leisure activities. Statistics show that not wearing a helmet increases the risk of a serious head injury or fatal crash by 14 times. Simply putting one on can reduce the risk of a brain injury by 88%, and the risk of fatality by 75%. Turning a product that kids need, into something they want, parents will no longer have to stress and nag. And the wide choice of designs available, means kids can pick one that they will love to wear time and time again.

Key Features 

  • Unique product line
  • Features s shock-absorbing EPS inner shell for protection
  • Aerodynamic cooling vents to keep the head nice and cool
  • Adjustable nylon straps for great fits
  • Patented 3D technology
  • Cute,fashion forward and on-trend themes
  • Conforms to BS EN 1078 2016
  • Suitable for ages 5+ years
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• Item #: CPR-8032901

• Age Rec: 5+

• Pack Dims: 21 x 20.5 x 35cm [h x w x d]

• Quantity: 2 

• Source: China

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