Stretchkins™ Ballet Buddy Bunny

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Stretchkins™ Ballet Buddy Bunny

ALL NEW from Stretchkins the Ballet Buddy Bunny is soft and cuddly, Stretchkins make exercise and dancing fun. The Stretchkins Ballet Bunny’s feet and hands easily attach onto the feet and hands of children allowing the Stretchkin to be stretched to life size and move with you. Perfect as a play buddy, a travel companion and a gift.

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• Cuddly, soft and very stretchy
• Easy to use
• Play all day and hug all night
• Life size friends for kids to play dance and hug
• Perfect as a play buddy, travel companion and a gift
• Suitable for ages 3 years +

Barcode: 5055308531584
Age Rec: 3+
Pack Dims: 27.9 x 35.6 x 14cm [h x w x d]
Quantity: 4 • FOB/DOM: Both
Source: China
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