Introducing Squinkies™ Do Drops Series 2!

A world of friendship awaits in Squinkieville with the launch of Squinkies Do’ Drops Series 2! Over 150 friends to collect and personalise with over 50 cool ‘Do’s including hats and accessories for hundreds of combinations. Would Allie Gator look good with a Fiesta ‘Do hat or should Melinda Shells the mermaid try on the Royal ‘Do crown? The possibilities are endless and so is the fun! Squinkies can hang out in Squinkieville at the Farmer’s Market or the Jungle Vet!

The ultimate collectable friends are back and this time they’ve got accessories! The Squinkies Do’ Drops range includes collectable characters with additional ‘Do accessories and a range of connectable playsets for fans to create a Squinkieville world at home.

Series 2 is available from AW17. Suitable for ages 4+.

Series 1 is available now.


• Proven Seller from 2011 – RELAUNCHED in a BIG way for 2017!
• HUGE on You Tube
• Girls Collectable with innovation from customisable ‘do’s feature
• Hundreds of Character & ‘do combinations to collect
• Common, Rare (1 in 6) and Ultra Rare characters available (1 in 36)
• GREAT Price Points – all items under £20
• HUGE 360° launch marketing campaign
• Suitable for ages 4 years +
• TV Advertised throughout 2017