Last weekend we attended Flame and Thunder, a massive UK event attracting plenty of turbo charged transport fans. Featuring some of the world’s most exciting vehicles from rocket cars to monster trucks and more, the day was a petrol-head’s dream. Our Razor team had a fantastic time right at the heart of the action, giving visitors the chance to experience some of the brand’s most innovative new rides this year, as well as the ever popular Crazy Cart.

Among the rides to try were new Crazy Cart edition, the Crazy Cart Shift, RipStik Electric and the incredible new HoverTrax 2.0 ‘hover board’.  Riders were certainly spoilt for choice and with every rider making a donation to local charity, KidsAid, the activity also raised hundreds of pounds that will assist the charity in providing therapeutic support for children and young people who suffered any form of trauma.

This is the 3rd year of attending Flame and Thunder, and we love attending the event. There is a huge amount of love among the show’s visitors for the Razor brand and always among them some utterly fantastic riders.  To be able to raise funds for a really worthwhile cause too is the icing on the cake.





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