Tiana puts Pocket Mod in the Spotlight… The Razor Pocket Mod is as popular as ever and lately has been in the spotlight once again.  Famous vlogger Tiana fromYouTube channel Toysandme showcased the gorgeous pink ride in a video in March.  At the time of writing the video has already clocked up a whopping 3 million views. It was a huge hit with both Tiana and her mum Cherina, who was thrilled with the ‘Cherina 1’ personalised number plate.   Check out their video here

A few facts about the Razor Pocket Mod for those of you who have missed this funky retro ride that is packed with attitude:

  • Suitable from age 13+
  • Speed of up to 15mph
  • Continuous run time of up to 40 minutes
  • Available in pink and black
  • Find out more here

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