Make-a-Bar Chocolate Factory is fantastic fun for all the family, simply follow the steps to create your very own chocolate bar!
Design and make your very own personalised chocolate bar! Make-a-Bar Chocolate Factory uses 100% Belgian chocolate, for a really tasty ‘home-made’ treat! Simple and easy to use, Make-a-Bar Chocolate Factory comes complete with all the ingredients you need to make a yummy chocolate bar. The possibilities really are endless with this craft kit! Follow the simple steps to create your chocolate bar; choose a stencil from those provided in the pack or draw your own! Trace the outline in the tray provided with dark chocolate, colour it in with white chocolate, cover your design with milk chocolate and leave in the fridge to set for 20/30 minutes. Then enjoy!

• Fantastic Fun for all the family
• Simple and easy to use
• Award winning range
• Top licenses with Minions and My Little Pony
• Dedicated brand website: www.makeabar.co.uk
• Strong new innovative marketing support throughout 2018
• Suitable for ages 4 years +